A Message for our Visitors

This Week

Schedule Changes

Dec 18, 2016

Masses this week are at 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.  Christmas Day Masses next Sunday are at midnight, 8:00 am, and 10:00 am.



Dec 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Next Saturday is Christmas Eve, and is a day of complete fast and abstinence.

Dec 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas Day fall this year on a Sunday.  Masses at Infant of Prague Chapel will be at midnight, 8:00 am and 10:00 am.

Prayer Intentions

For the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula, its members, friends, and benefactors, and all the faithful departed whose names have been submitted to the Guild of All Souls.

For an urgent special intention.

For the health of Angie Poeppelman.



Welcome to the Infant of Prague Chapel

Who we are

Infant of Prague Chapel saw its first Mass back in 2009 when a group of traditionally minded Catholics  established a new church under the patronage of St. Albert the Great.  St. Albert's was founded with the primary aim of protecting the Catholic faithful from the erosion of their religion by the conciliar reforms, and in particular by the introduction of the new Mass in English.  But in addition St. Albert's hoped to avoid the pitfalls encountered by many other traditional groups, including the elevation of opinions into dogma, the corruption that comes of having no superior to answer to, the over emphasis on dress codes and pharisaical details, and many more failings that have repulsed and discouraged mainstream Catholic and non-Catholic visitors from joining a traditional parish in the past.  Infant of Prague Chapel continues this attitude towards our neighbours, and has met with a most encouraging response as one might expect.  This charitable approach towards others nicely balances our stance as a bulwark against modernism, as we preserve to this day our devotion to the Latin Mass and the Faith of our Fathers.

"We have remained faithful to the traditional Mass not out of stubbornness or "disobedience."
We have remained faithful because it is the Catholic thing to do."

The traditional Mass is the perfect expression of the unchanging and unchangeable Catholic teaching on the nature of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, as well as a refuge from and an antidote to the myriad false teachings and sacrilegious practices which have found their way into our parish churches as a result of the New Mass and the changes in the Church.  We have a right to assist at the traditional Mass, guaranteed in perpetuity by Pope St. Pius V, which no one can take away from us, and a duty to assist at this Mass so that we can save our souls.

In 1969, seventy percent of the Mass was rewritten by a Vatican commission whose membership included six Protestant ministers.  The very nature of the Mass was changed:  the altar was replaced with a table; the sacrificing priest became a "President of the Assembly"; the traditional Offertory prayers, so redolent of the Catholic theology of sacrifice, were discarded and replaced with a Jewish grace before meals; the actual words of Consecration used by Our Lord Himself at the Last Supper have been changed and perverted, thus calling into doubt the validity of the New Mass.  The New Mass, so similar to Protestant worship services, mirrors a new "ecumenical" religion.


What we have to offer

As well as providing a sanctuary and safe haven for the traditional Latin Mass, Our Lady of the Rosary provides a complete parish life, with numerous Guilds and Confraternities, and a warm and friendly environment in which Catholics can get together to enjoy the company of others who share their values and hopes.

We aim to provide services for all our parishioners, from the cradle to the grave.  Our faithful may contact the chaplain to schedule one of the numerous blessings available to them.  For example, the Benediction of Expectant Women, the Churching of Women after Childbirth, Blessing of Automobiles, Blessing of the Sick, and so on.  The latter is especially important, and care should be taken to ensure you or your loved one receive a visit from the priest whenever you are unable to attend Mass for a prolonged period due to illness or other incapacity.  During the course of the year, the priests of the Guild of St. Peter ad Vincula are regularly performing many of the blessings which the Church uses to help sanctify your life and keep it focused on God.


Our Sacraments

So important are the Church's Sacraments that they deserve a special mention.  The sacraments are our treasure that we have devoted our lives to preserving in their pure and grace-giving traditional form.  In addition to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is offered daily at Infant of Prague, each of the other sacraments are also available to our faithful as their circumstances and needs dictate.  For more information, please see our webpage on the Sacraments.


Chapel Enrollment

If you wish to enroll as a parishioner of Infant of Prague Chapel, please give your names and contact information to the Chaplain after Mass.  We hope to have welcome packages available soon, which will contain information about our chapel and activities.



You are also encouraged to read our short Guidelines Page.  This will be of help understanding what is expected of you so that you can smooth out your transition into our parish life.  Don't worry!  We don't have a thick volume of rules, just a few short but important items that help us all to place ourselves more easily in the presence of God when we come to Church. 


A Friendly Welcome Awaits You

Join us for Mass or Divine Office, and get to know your new fellow-parishioners.  Make Infant of Prague your home away from home.